Are You Protecting Your Pet Against Ticks?

residential tick control dover

By the time the ticks arrive, the pets become the first victims. Indeed, they may be the only victims. Should a tick decide to chance its six legs with a human resident, it is likely that it will not survive. Unfortunately for the four-legged residents, they are helpless in trying to fight off the ticks. Not even a visit to the local vet is much help because once the medication has worn off, they are back. Indeed, they never really left.

Ticks were always there. They never left the premises. They had other ideas. They had their nesting areas and there were other areas of the domestic property that they could feast on. You may not have known this before but like cockroaches, and particularly in times of ‘blood famines’ ticks will eat dirt. So, if your home is not clean, go grab a broom and dustpan right now. In the meantime, you should also give the residential tick control dover unit an emergency call.

The unit is made up of a team of specialists who also have the expertise to wipe out the cockroaches, as well as mosquitoes and termites. All these pestilential creatures have one thing in common. Like you perhaps, they love summer. As temperatures rise chances are very good that there will be an increase in infestations. Pets remain rich pickings for the ticks owing to their generally close proximity to the ground.

It’s very easy for the ticks to latch on to the animals’ backs and legs. Finally, a specialized formula is being utilized to reduce the presence of such bothersome pests. So, while you’re still reading this, ask yourself this question once more. Are you protecting your pet against ticks? If not, you now know what needs to be done.