5 Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Permanent teeth are designed to last a lifetime. However, there are many reasons why a dentist may need to extract a patient’s tooth.  It happens commonly in adults 50 and older but can occur in a person of any age. Rest assured that a dentist only pulls a tooth when it is absolutely necessary, such as in the five scenarios on our list below.

1.    Severe Tooth Decay: Severe tooth decay affects the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria that is produced in the mouth can infect the pulp. The only option a dentist has to remedy this problem is an extraction.

2.    Impacted Tooth: An impacted tooth is a tooth that is being blocked from coming out. This may happen when he gums do not fly erupt. It is usually a wisdom tooth that causes this trouble.

3.    Periodontal Disease: Proper tooth and mouth care help prevent many dental issues, including periodontal disease. However, in the event, you develop this condition, and it’s not treated quick enough, tooth extraction may be needed.

4.    Overcrowding: Sometimes an extraction is welcomed, such as in the case of a patient suffering from overcrowding. Once a tooth is extracted, this leaves room for the teeth to grow and reline themselves.

molar extraction loudon

5.    Accidents: Sometimes a dentist will need to extract a tooth after a serious accident. Sometimes dental treatment isn’t enough to help restore the person’s mouth or oral composure. This is when you may need a regular or a molar extraction loudon.

Knowing that you need an extraction is scary but can be reassuring when it is the best option to prevent other oral health concerns. Do not take your oral health and beautiful smile for granted! Rest assured you are in good hands during an extraction if the scenarios above apply.