3 Commercial Flooring Types & Maintenance

Your floors are one of the first things clients or customers will see when they visit your property, so it’s important to make them shine. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful floors can become worn-down with time. With proper maintenance, you can keep floors looking good for as long as possible – let’s explore 3 types of commercial flooring and their maintenance requirements.


Concrete flooring is one of the easiest to maintain – mop it daily, especially if your businesses sees a lot of traffic or the floors have been polished. You will still need to deep clean it, though, which can be done with professional cleaning equipment. Once cleaning is complete, a sealant is reapplied and the floors look pristine and attractive once more.


Rubber flooring is often seen in gyms or on playgrounds and is easy to clean – just vacuum or sweep and then give it a good mop. If your flooring needs a deep clean, an expert’s help comes in handy. You may want to seek out a commercial floor cleaning lenexa professional, as a floor stripper is required to get rid of dirt and debris. The stripper removes the finish, so the flooring will need to be refinished after they have been deep-cleaned.


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There are numerous kinds of stone flooring that may be used for commercial flooring, including marble, slate, granite, and travertine. Each type or stone will require a different maintenance routine depending on its unique properties. One example is marble, which will need maintenance once or twice each year depending on how much traffic the area receives.

As evidenced, different floors require different maintenance techniques to ensure their beauty and durability. If you’re not sure how to deep-clean your commercial floors, work with a professional that is familiar with all of the tools and equipment needed to make your floors make an impression.